nginx location 取反

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在nginx location配置取反,如下:

nginx的正则使用PCRE(Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)。

Extension Description
(?# TEXT) This extension lets you add comments to your regular expression. The TEXT value is ignored.
(?:...) This extension lets you add parentheses to your regular expression without causing a pattern memory position to be used.
(?=...) This extension lets you match values without including them in the $& variable.
(?!...) This extension lets you specify what should not follow your pattern. For instance, /blue(?!bird)/ means that "bluebox" and "bluesy" will be matched but not "bluebird".
(?sxi) This extension lets you specify an embedded option in the pattern rather than adding it after the last delimiter. This is useful if you are storing patterns in variables and using variable interpolation to do the matching.

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